Basic knowledge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Now every business organization having the web presence or they have an online platform. They want to use online platforms an effective manner, so they need to understand at some little thinks about how it all works. Search Engine Marketing  (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to online platforms to gain better results. Every business now digital and every business owner wants to increase the customers and traffic on his business website.

Firstly you should be understood Basics of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing

What is search engine marketing?

In simple language Search Engine Marketing is one of the best platforms for promoting your website or business on online platforms and increasing visibility in search engines. This can be achieved through organic (SEO) Or Paid (SEM). For better understanding, I put the screenshot, so in this screenshot Paid or pay per click advertisement are outlined in yellow and Organic results are showing by blue outlines.

I think one question comes to your mind what are the main Difference between SEM and SEO?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) vs Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine having intelligent algorithms to determine the importance and quality of content of your website. If your website is capable of collecting links from other websites then this thing increase your website credibility. Those links Google consider as third-party approved.

Search engine mainly focuses on content quality and how much information your website provides. Whenever you writing website content please focus on keyword and length of content.

SEO is the ability to create magic in your content, so Google can improve your website ranking indirectly.

Search Engine Optimization in which your main focus on without paying how to get more organically traffic through search engines.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-Per-Click Marketing

SEM mainly focus on paid activities in this approach your website get more traffic through the web search. As we know So many search engines in the market like Yahoo, MSN, Google etc. they all give you permission to select specific keywords that are related to your product or business, and whenever users of search engine search your specific keywords then your ads show on those users on top of the list. But showing ads for the keyword you should be paying for that.

Search Engine having authority how your ads show to users and it totally depends on website quality, amount of biding, quality of advertisement.

Heart of Paid Search Engine Marketing is keywords and how to use specified group keywords in a search engine marketing campaign. Total success depends on those keywords. Paid advertising main benefit is you can attract the targeted audience and chance of converting increase tremendously.

Here Are The Top 3 PPC or SEM networks:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yahoo Search Engine Marketing
  • Being Ads(MSN AdCenter)

Google Adwords

Today’s scenario in the world top most popular advertising platform is Google AdWords and it is the best platform for PPC network also. Google Adwords is not the only term of market shares but also diverting the most valuable traffic to the website.

Google Adword is his ability to give you the results beyond the limit you want. This platform provides local, national or international distribution for your campaigns. If you want more specific like you want location base or you want ad placement can provide IP (Internal Protocol) address exclusion for your specific targeted audience. AdWords offers verities of an option to reach the targeted audience.

They provide ads like including text, rich media advertisement base, banners.  These ads you can put the daily budget that you want. For enhancing the performance of ads, so many tools are provided in the market like keyword research, the difficulty level of keyword that can help you in improving the conversion rate and so on.

Yahoo! search Engine Marketing

Yahoo! is one type of search engine marketing platform. This platform provided PPC and also provide sponsored advertising opportunities to the users. This platform is having less traffic rate as compare to Google Adword and MSN platforms, so fewer people giving preference to Yahoo!

But it has lots of people connected, so it has an even bigger reach and traffic for your business.

Bing Ads (MSN AdCenter)

Bing Ads was formerly Microsoft AdCenter and MSN AdCenter collaboration. As per Wikipedia as of June 2015, Bing ads has 33% market share in the United States.  Bing develops his own individual system for delivering pay per click. When you compare with AdWords it is comparatively cheaper.

Basic search engine marketing strategies or basic types of Search Engine Marketing

If you really want to use PPC or search engine marketing concept in your business then you should be aware of some search engine marketing techniques. This technics really helpful to SEM beginners and you learn more about this technics.

  • Pay-Per-Click or PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are available in paid base service.  Your targeted audience and keywords are posted on the search result of users. Whenever users click on your ads payment will charge to you as per settled prize.

If ads just display on users search no click by them no payment will be the charged.

  • Cost Per Impression or CPM

Cost per Impression ads are charged on impression of ads mean whenever your targeted audience has seen this ad, you should pay for that.

Every 1000 views or impressions people click or not you should pay on that. Mostly business owner does not use this type of ads.

  • Advertiser

PPC ads basically come in advertiser category. In this category, you can either buy or bid on a specific keyword or bunch of keyword that related your brand. Advertisers allow you to advertise your ads on specific space or targeted reasons.

  • Publisher

 It is a platform or space provided for your advertising. Publishers not only showcase your ads but also it totally depends on your keyword relevancy, biding etc. whenever your paid ads on Google’s platform than Google search engine a publisher for particularly for your ads.

  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Click-Through-Rate is the concept came in the frame when users click on ads, these ads show on display to users on website or search engine platforms. The number of clicks achieves by the particular ad in the PPC campaign, so cost totally depends on that.

CTR calculated by NO of clicks on the ad divided by No of impression (Clicks/impressions) and CTR calculate in percentage (%), so multiply by 100 to result.

Example (assumption):

If 1000 people viewed your ad on search engines and 30 people click on that.  So your CTR is nearly 3 per cent (3%) which is very high. (30/1000=0.03 *100=3 %)

If you want more details please read on deep so many search engines provide search engine marketing pdf and videos also.

  • Cost per click (CPC)

Cost per click (CPC) use to calculate minimum bid to require running the ads on Search engine marketing platforms. CPC is totally different on every platform and is varying from market to market. It totally depends on keyword difficulty and competition in the market.

Experts of SEM always suggest is your CPC will be always less than or equal to maximum bid.

  • Bid

The bid is the maximum amount of money you want to spend on PPC network.

  • Budget

Budget is the amount of money spends on campaign per day. As you see Bing (MSN) provides daily and monthly budgets and Google Adword also provide both but they focus on the daily budget.

Search Engine Marketing and PPC
Search Engine Marketing

What is the main component of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

If you want efficient use of SEM or Pay per click Campaign in your success, so definitely use search engine component.

  • Keywords
  • Landing Page
  • Campaign budget
  • Ads massage
  • campaign Performance Metrics

This 5 Component you should be used carefully in PPC or SEM campaign. So you learn more about this component.

The Benefits of Search Engine Marketing for your organization

  • Search Engine Marketing or PPC indirectly helps to increase your brand awareness to people
  • Generate quality traffic to your website.
  • SEM or PPC measurable means you can analysis your campaign.
  • You can Very easily implement SEM or PPC campaign.
  • SEM or PPC having great potential to grab the attention of your valuable audience at right time.


Search engine marketing and Pay-Per-Click is a very important parameter to drive traffic on your site. so we provide some basic tips on Search engine marketing and we hope it clear your basic doubt about SEM and PPC ads. We suggest you defiantly use this basic knowledge in your marketing strategy and increase your sale of product and services.

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