Essential Top Trends In Social Media For Business To Know 2019

As everyone knows here how social media changing each day. So it is necessary to adopt the changes and follow the new approach. It is most important to marketers to learn properly social platforms to take advantages and you know how huge audience on a social media platform. It is necessary for you to have awareness about top trends in social media for 2019.

Social Media Top Trends 2019

Now in today’s scenario, you not taken your business alone for the peak of success, so you definitely need to stick the latest marketing trends and regularly use in your business marketing strategy. We have study some new trending topics those help to grow your business rapidly.

Drastically increase the rate of Engagement between Client and Brand. Today’s scenario relation between customer and brands so close and this type of connection bonding create due to the social media platform. As per survey shows 4 in 10 social media users mention is brand while sharing the post.

Latest Trends In Social Media For 2019

Ephemeral content

The latest trending topic on social media is “Ephemeral”. I think one question comes to your mind as it is new to everyone.

What is the Ephemeral content?

Ephemeral content is one type of content that is a short time lived, and this content disappearing before 24 hours.

This type of content the first time comes on Snapchat then after other social media platforms also use this concept. Instagram also implemented this concept on his platform; Instagram also knows the importance and popularity of this feature. “What’s up” “Facebook” also use the same feature.

There are many benefits of Short-lived content, and that’s why Ephemeral content popular in the market in less time span. People experience and feel more authentic and reliable as compared to conventional advertisement approach.

Ephemeral content having the similar effect like live video streaming but in this feature you have an opportunity to you post much time in the whole day without stopping your followers. When you post frequently on your wall it really irritates to your follower so keep mind it is best option to make it story.

If you want to add new content and that should not annoy everyone, make it your ephemeral post because it is will take space on your follower’s timeline. You start to share your business related updates on Ephemeral daily, it will create curiosity about your product among your follower.

One of the top Upcoming trend that in the year 2018 for Instagram was “Instagram stories”

What Are The New Social Media Trends in Insta?

This year Instagram also launched stories to compete with Snapchat, so this decision of Instagram taken is very successful and a very short period of time Instagram capture more than 400 million users. It really impressive move because Snapchat having only 191 million active users, and it’s really shocking thing for SnapChat.

In 2018 Instagram stories was the top trending topic because frequencies of engagement of post are very high. After “Instagram stories” launched average time spent on an Instagram app are increased by 32 minutes and If you see before this function average time spent on Instagram are 21 minutes.“Instagram stories” also increase 1.5 million advertisers to use this platform on Instagram.
Instagram also providing communication and massaging option with the stories and that is something that made insta so popular.

Influencer marketing concept is developed

Influencer marketing is not a new concept in the market but nowadays this concept outstanding performs in social media marketing. It is another type of marketing where they put all concentration is placed on influence people. They have the great influence on potential customers. Every business is not the brand name in the market, and it is not simple for small business to compete with giant brands. Small business having less credibility in the market. So you can use influence people to increase your branding in the market. So nowadays more companies are tying up with micro influencers to increase their product value.

What is the Micro influencer?

Micro influencers are those people on social media having strong fan followers but unfortunately, they are not celebrities. Micro influencers having fan follower in between 1000 to 90000, and its range of fan follower cross hundreds of thousands of followers then it’s called as micro influencer territory.

Here are a few top reasons why companies tie up with influencer:

  • Micro influencers cost effective as compared to other platforms of advertising.
  • Some businesses in the market they don’t pay anything to influencers they just send social media post to influencers for branding.
  • The research shows 68% more engagement rate as compare to celebrities.
  • Influencers know about the relationship between followers and they trust, so don’t be confused to spend money on micro influencers.

Customize Chabot use:

Chatbot also called talk bots, are the artificial conversational entity. If your business going on social media platforms then online massage comings, so in that condition, your organization required one system for response to those messages. We say now you get it why Chatbots required.

Facebook Messenger having 100000 plus chatbot used to respond to users, and Chatbot is indirectly increasing the productivity of Facebook.

The chatbot is not the same for all companies as each company as a different product. So chatbot created according to the customer requirement.

Social Media
Social Media Trends

Face Filter and AR system (Augmented Reality)

AR (Augmented Reality) is the combination of the user environment with digital media, and virtual reality creates the different artificial environment. AR is the combination of the existing environment and overlays a new effect on it. It famous and captures the audience in 2018. We can mention many apps that are available in the market for use. We know these apps like Holo, Zombies, SpecTrek, and Genesis Augmented Reality etc works on AR. But now day’s social media platforms like Snapchat’s face filter also providing these features, so users very excited about this. Facebook also comes with new camera effect, and Facebook providing augmented reality studio to design unique animation for designers.

Instagram also provide this effect in 2018 for the better experience for his users and audience expecting the next level of augmented reality.

Live Streaming change the world

Live streaming is a popular trend in 2018. Online platform for the user to recorded videos and simultaneously broadcast to the viewer. Live video content has benefits to all brands. A survey indicates that 96 % of brands satisfied and say it will help us. I suggest you it is the best strategy for 2018.

Now today’s scenario user or consumer don’t want to spend time on blog reading for your brand. A customer wants a different solution than reading the whole blog. Even more, a research shows that 81 per cent of people those using social media they prefer to live streaming for your brand.

With audience demand now almost all social media platforms implemented the Live streaming feature. And so many companies got to benefit from this as well.

In the year 2017, very less business use Live streaming platforms, but at the end of 2018, this percentage of the user increases to double.

Live streaming platform is not only for business but also a regular user can use this features to interact with family and beasties.

So now it’s time to go live for your social media channels to interact with your customers and respond to the client in real time. So this new trend will help to maximize your reach and create new genuine leads for your business.

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