17 Free Social Bookmarking Sites in 2018 With High DA & PA

The idea of social bookmarking sites can relate to individual bookmarks or method of listing important things somewhere like in between the pages of books. The concept of Bookmarking offers you the option mark something to somewhere so that you can get it after a few days or weeks. Social bookmarking can be utilized by anybody, however, it is mostly used by readers and business owners. In modern days social bookmarking is really helpful for Search Engine Optimization.

free social bookmarking sites in 2018

What Is A History Of Social Bookmarking?

A social bookmarking service was first started in 1996 with first site itList.com. Starting there on business started to develop, and social bookmarking known for building important backlinks, acquiring web activities and new clients. Alternate advantages of social bookmarking that it offering more options to users with bookmarking of Images, Videos, blogs web pages and much more things. In recent trends, social bookmarking sites are considered as one of the best sources to get do follow links with branding advantages for digital marketing agencies.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the practice of submitting links on social networking sites, there are two main reasons for doing social bookmarking. First one is, supposed you are reading something on the web that is important for you but you don’t have time to read it right now so that you can submit the link of this page on your favorite bookmarking site (we have mentioned here best bookmarking sites in 2018) and read it when you have time. The second one for digital marketing purpose, we want to do branding as well as quality backlinks from authority websites.

While submitting link on social bookmarking networks you have to add the title, description and tags (keywords) so that it will be easy to find them after a few days later.

If you like any video, image, blog or any think on the web then you share the link or website to your friends, office colleague, relatives or anyone those may like it is also one type of the social bookmarking. Bookmark tool is now available in every browser for user convenience.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking:

These days websites have the option to share links, videos, images, web pages, articles, blog post so that their content can be share and reach to more audience. There are so many benefits to submitting valuable contain on social bookmarking sites. The most important benefits are to increase your search engine ranking and brand awareness.

Here we have listed advantages of social bookmarking:

  • Social bookmarking is indirectly increase your traffic.
  • Improve your search engine results. ( Higher SERP’s)
  • It helps for brand awareness.
  • Get quality backlinks for your website (do-follow or no-follow)
  • It helps to improve your website authority, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority (DA), & Page Authority (PA).
  • Using social bookmarking site increase your interaction with people.

What is the role of social bookmarking in SEO?

The role of social bookmarking in search engine optimization is to create branding, website promotion, and service or product awareness of the company. Bookmarking sites are the best way to draw instant and quality leads with lot’s of traffic for your business or services.

Social bookmarking is an off page SEO activity. In this activity, we submit a new website page link on the social bookmarking sites for creating high authority backlinks. It will help to create brand awareness and traffic generation. Let’s see the High PR social bookmarking sites for 2018.

Top 10 best social bookmarking sites for SEO

#1 Digg

Digg was founded in November 2004 and at that time Digg was similar to Reddit, the front page was organized by the users. But Digg.com has changed their rules, now front page organize by the editor itself. There are more than millions of users who use Digg social bookmarking site daily.

Digg is probably the best website to find interesting and trending content like videos, news and stories. You can use Digg on the mobile apps, also they use to sent email if you subscribed for daily, weekly and monthly news latter.

You can easily bookmark your website or webpage on Digg.com but the editor will decide the position as per the trends on social media sites likes facebook, twitter with accounting few more factors. To bookmark your website or webpage on Digg, go to the site footer you can see ‘Submit a Link‘ option to submit your web page link. If you your website page got a place at the top of Digg, Digg will send thousands of visitors to your website per day.

Web page- http://digg.com/

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –82
  • Page Authority (PA) –94

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank 2425
  • United State rank 628

#2 MIX ( Formerly StumbleUpon)

Stumbleupon is one of the famous social bookmarking sites but StumbleUpon was sold to MIX and all accounts were transferred to a new site mix.com. Stumbleupon was founded in November 2001 and it was shut down On June 30th, 2018.

To bookmark your website you need to sign in first by using Gmail, Twitter, Facebook ID or you have the option of Stumbleupon also and using one suitable sign-in method you are ready to go for bookmarking your webpage or website on Mix. The benefit of bookmarking on Mix it allows you to bookmark images, video, music, and webpage.

Web page- https://mix.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –43
  • Page Authority (PA) –42

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 22962
  • United State rank- 4438

#3 del.icio.us ( Delicious )

del.icio.us (Delicious) is Social bookmarking web management service for discovering web link sharing, del.icio.us(Delicious) was founded in September 2003. Delicious was a really good bookmarking site as users can create various bookmarks, create a network of friends, organize tags and subscribe to people.

Joshua Schachter and Peter Gadjokov founded it in 2003 and they sold it to Yahoo in 2005. Yahoo sold Delicious to AVOS Systems in April 2011.  On May 2014, AVOS System sold delicious to Science Inc. In Jan 2016 Delicious Media, control the service of Delicious. Finally, on June 1, 2017, Pinboard acquired Delicious and the bookmarking service wasn’t live from that point. Existing bookmarks are available only in read-only mode.

Web page-https://del.icio.us

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –93
  • Page Authority (PA) –78

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 82,297
  • India Rank- 11,969 
Bookmarking Site for 2018
Bookmarking site

#4 Folkd

Folk was launched on July 2006. Folk can be one of the best social bookmarking sites for you as folkd social bookmarking provide an easy and simple website with having browser button that gives you the freedom to do:

  •  Save your favourite websites and web pages online so that you can access them at any time & anywhere.
  • Discover the most popular links your friends following.
  • Recommend your sites to your friends via facebook, email, or twitter
  • Create authority backlinks for your website.
  • Organize your links for tags.

All the feature mention above are free for everyone. You can log in to folkd using your twitter, facebook id or register with your email id. Few simple steps to registration on folk are:

  • Choose Username
  • Your email address
  • Chose password

Web page-http://www.folkd.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –87
  • Page Authority (PA) –49

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 81,904
  • India Rank- 6,573  

#5 Reddit

Reddit was founded on June 23, 2005. It is an American base community where this community can share news, links, images, and videos. Reddit had millions of visitors on daily basis. You may be like to know that Reddit is 3rd most visited website in US and 6th in the world. Reddit will help you to find the best of the internet trends and topics at one place. The constantly updating feed of breaking news, videos, pics, memes, fun stories never feel you bored on Reddit.

On Reddit, you can create your own subreddits for your interesting topics or just follow the subreddits created by other users. In your mind, you may have a question that, what is subreddit? It is just a forum or page dedicated to a separate topic on this site. Every day, thousands and millions of users all around the world come to Reddit to post, read and comments in communities of their interests.

Web page-https://www.reddit.com/

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –97
  • Page Authority (PA) –88

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 8
  • United States Rank- 5

#6 Scoop.it

Scoop.it is an online platform to share your content, related links, and web pages. It is one of the best social bookmarking sites for business owners. It helps to millions of users and organization to publish content online with both free and paid options. Scoop.it was founded in 2007 Scoop it.

There are three plans on ScoopIt one is free other is a pro and the last one is plus, with limitations in each plan they have made their pricing but for individual user free plan is sufficient. A business professional can opt for paid service as they provide lots of benefits that are not covered by free service.

Web page- http://www.scoop.it/

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –92
  • Page Authority (PA) –73

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 2,153
  • India Rank- 288

#7 We Heart It

We Heart It generates 11.6 Million page views per month (Source Similar Web) and We Heart It has more than 45 million users. We Heart It is founded in 2008 by Fabio Giolito. It is an image-based social network for sharing images. We Heart It is an online platform that supports GIFs, images and videos. It is known as a positive community because they don’t have the comment option on their website, so no one allowed to comment negative words about your post.

Web page-https://weheartit.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –95
  • Page Authority (PA) –87

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 3,935
  • US Rank- 4,354 

#8 Bizsugar

Bizsugar is a bookmarking website for small businesses, service providers, classes and startups. Basically, it is designed for sharing business-related news, webpage links for business-related information and tips. BizSugar provides the content that startups, business managers and entrepreneurs like to know.

BizSugar has a voting system that helps them to list site link submitted on their website, if your content gets more votes then it will come to the first page. They have top 10 widget option and weekly newsletter if your post has a good amount of likes they will include your page link to top 10 posts and to the weekly newsletter if your post got that top position in their widget you will get lot’s traffic to your business website.

Web page- http://www.bizsugar.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –68
  • Page Authority (PA) –59

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 119,844
  • India Rank- 12,238

#9 Pocket

A pocket is a very popular and well designed social bookmarking website. It was previously known as Read It Later, it is an application based web service for bookmarking, reading and managing online articles from the Internet. You can use Pocket on Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android, or on web browsers. The Pocket is really a good social bookmarking website, it has online and offline both features.

To use the offline feature of Pocket you need to install an app that allows you to use it in offline mode. Pocket really well designs bookmarking site and it has over 40 Million users in the world.

Some technical aspect regarding Pocket

Web page-https://getpocket.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –92
  • Page Authority (PA) –74

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 752 
  • US Rank-  753 

#10 Slashdot

Slashdot is a social bookmarking site and is described as “News for Nerds”. In Slashdot you submit your weblinks for technology, science, health, entertainment and politics. Slashdot was founded on 1997 by Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda. Now BIZX, LLC owns it run it.

Web page- https://slashdot.org

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –92
  • Page Authority (PA) –58

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 6,158 
  • US Rank-  1,803

#11 Dribble

Dribble is the best community of designer for sharing their thoughts, images, process and project related information. It is a great place for bookmarking your design related topics and work. A dribble is a great place from where you can get lot’s traffic for your website. Dribble was founded in 2009, it has been growing as one of the best global community for creative professionals, web designers, logo designers and a place to get lot’s of helpful information for tens of millions of people. Their mission is to build it the world’s best platform for web designers, logo designers and working professionals to gain knowledge, education, inspiration, and job opportunities.

Web page- https://dribbble.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –92
  • Page Authority (PA) –80

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 1,067
  • US Rank-  876

#12 Pinterest

Pinterest is an image based bookmarking website it is available on the web and mobile application. Pinterest mainly uses images but it also available for GIFs and videos with few limitations. Pinterest has a really shocking user base according to some researchers nearly 81% of Pinterest users are females and if you think about or compare with men 19% male users.

Web page-https://pinterest.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –85
  • Page Authority (PA) –81

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 75
  • US Rank-  29

#13 Bookmarkee

Bookmarkee provides a single dashboard to place your bookmark and you can be organized them in one place. Arrange your all online bookmark with Bookmarkee fast and free. The Bookmarkee allows you to save and visit your favourite site very effortless way.

Web page-https://www.bookmarkee.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –62
  • Page Authority (PA) –48

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 144,120
  • India Rank-  9,097

#14 Flickr

Flickr is a best photo sharing website you can use it as bookmarking site and you if photo lovers then it is a just amazing place for you. Flickr was founded in 2004, Flickr provided three type of accounts free, add free, doublr. It will give you private and public image storage.

Web page-https://www.flickr.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –97
  • Page Authority (PA) –51

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 362
  • US Rank-  233

#15 Bibsonomy


BibSonomy is a social bookmarking website that has bookmarking and publication management system for teams. It aims to integrate the features of bookmarking systems as well as team-oriented publication management. Bibsonomy is a community website that provides a platform for social bookmarking, literature exchange, images, videos etc. Bibsonomy was founded in 2006, Itspecily this services design for the researcher’s to share bookmarks.

Web page-https://www.bibsonomy.org

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –70
  • Page Authority (PA) –64

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 48,714
  • US Rank-  4,660

#16 Blogbookmark

Blogbookmark is specially developed for bloggers or blog hunters. In this platform, you can find trending topics, entertainment, gossip, educational topics. It is an amazing bookmarking website as it can offer you quality backlink and traffic to your website or blog.

Web page-https://www.blogbookmark.com

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –48
  • Page Authority (PA) –49

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 544,530
  • India Rank-  30,771 

#17 Bookmax

Bookmax is a beautifully designed online bookmarking site, it offers an online bookmark, newsfeed reader, online list, online contacts, and online memos that you can use anywhere. Bookmax was founded in 2010.

Web page-https://www.bookmax.net

MOZ Score:

  • Domain Authority (DA) –56
  • Page Authority (PA) –33

Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank- 544,530
  • India Rank-  30,771 

With this, we concluding our blog here, hope you find the list of social networking sites useful, comment below what you think about these top social bookmarking sites for SEO.

If you are a digital marketing service provider or a blogger who wants to get all SEO benefits from social bookmarking website use these list we mention above. Let’s start doing bookmarking on top bookmarking sites that eventually help you to get quality backlinks, website traffic and branding. Thanks for reading this blog don’t forget to tell us in the comment section about your opinion with your favourite social bookmarking sites.

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