Social Media Optimization In 2019: Basics Step-By-Step Explanation

Social Media Optimization (SMO)is an essential part of digital marketing. SMO has been playing a major role in growing business to the business owners over the last decade. Social media optimization (SMO) is a well-organized process of using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to increase the awareness of business or services. Social media optimization helps to create branding for your product. It is the best area where you can work for a brand optimization strategy in Digital Marketing.

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

SMO or Social media optimization is the process which uses various techniques and strategies for increasing awareness of a brand, product, event and publication on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+ etc. It also benefits to increase the web traffic of your website. Social media optimization done through social networks, RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, and video sites.

The need for SMO/ why use SMO                                                                    

A social media Optimization has the main goal to generate traffic for your website and improve awareness of your brand.

Some basic advantage of Social media Optimization

#1Instant Popularity of Product:

If you want your product or services popular in a short span of time, so in that case, SMO is the best option. Nowadays social media is the best option to reach people in a short span of time.

#2 increases the visibility of the site:

So many surveys show four billion plus social media users in the world this statics shows how popular social media. So many people use the social networking websites, online communities, social media outlets, online forums. SMO helps to increase your visibilities to all social media users.

#3Cheap and effective advertisement:

You can use a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. for advertisement purpose and that platform really works for growing your business or services as early as possible. When you chose advertisement by using social media, there are two types of free and paid. You can manage to advertise both ways.

#4 Generate more traffic:

In a conventional way by using email marketing, mouth publicity, face to face contact to people and using search engines for generating traffic but now days using SMO you can generate millions of traffic for your business.

#5 Customer Satisfactions:

If you are using social media optimization in a good manner then your clients contact through your social media channel, and you respond immediately to those queries or problems it creates trust in your services. It helps to increase the satisfaction and trust in your product, so your brand creates better value than others product.

#6 Improve relationships with the customer:

When you are implementing SMO services for your business then customers visits your Facebook pages, Pinterest, twitter handle, LinkedIn, Google plus or any other social media platforms that you have, then your customer share their opinions. This advice helps to understand what improvements are necessary and the need of the customers.

This feedback of customer and response of your organization build trust and strong relationship with the customer and you. It really works for the long term.

#7 Find the targeted customer:

While SMO provides a free option for advertising but if you won’t reach your targeted customers then several paid services available on social media platform like Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Plus Ads, etc. This paid option is also effective for immediate growth for your business.

Some of the best social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest to promote your business. In today’s scenario, Social media is an essential need of the people, so by using this platforms consumers find new companies and products of their favourite brands.

Most of the small business has tight marketing budgets, so they can think about which social media platform is best for me. That’s why it’s very important parameter to choose the best social media platform, and successful social media marketing is the key to your growing business.

This marketing strategy is totally depended on some parameters like which type of the business you run, what audience you want to target, what is your specific requirement of product, which type of the need of people, a specific goal about your brand and so many factors to be considered. We have mentioned here the best social media platforms which help to choose the useful option for your business.

Let’s See The Top Social Media Sites:

  • Facebook

As we know Facebook is a giant Social media platform today’s scenario, and Facebook has the potential to reach every corner of the world. Statistics say that Facebook has 2.19 billion active users in the world. Facebook is the best platform to reach your targeted audience.

Facebook is one of the best platforms in the world where you find balance genders. During the survey of Facebook in 2018, 48 per cent of Facebook users were male and 52 per cent of users were female. This statics shows whatever your targeting audience male, female or both. We can say this is the best platform where you reach all type of the audience. So Facebook is a worthwhile investment for your company, also you can trust on Facebook.

It provides one best platform for your business, so it’s known as the targeted digital advertising platform. In this platform, Facebook provides one paid service is called Facebook ads, and using these Facebook ads function you can choose you’re targeted audience. Basically this audience willing to buy your valuable product or services.

The Facebook is a useful platform for small business and e-commerce business. It creates an easy way for customer and seller. By using the social media platform is so easy to buy products, and Facebook creates shops for users.

  • Twitter

Twitter is one of the professional social media platforms. Probably it is in 2018-19 one of the best options for your social media marketing strategy. You would like to know that Twitter has 330 million active users worldwide. In the United States, Twitter is the first rank with 73 million active users. The Twitter giving best place to promote your brand to a big audience.

This microblogging site has all age group audience, so it is the best platform for your brand to reach customer online. It has some unique features that really help your business. You can use (#) hashtag to reach trending topics in your business, and 38 per cent users on Twitter are between the age of 17 to 30.

If your business very specified Twitter provide will be advertising option to your product. Twitter is providing the best platform to promote your brand using digital ads to your target audience. It provides lots of options for ads, totally depends on your best advertising goals, product, approach decided for targeted customers. In twitter, some restriction like you can use 140 characters for your tweet, but in 2017 this limit was increased to 280 characters.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest came into the market in March 2010 and showing his potential to capture the audience. It was reached 200 million active users per month. In this platform basically you can share images of your business, these images link by your site and you directly divert traffic to your website.

But in the Pinterest community has more women as compared to male. If your brand related to women audience then this platform really good for your business. Women are using Pinterest to search for fashion tips, health tips or advice, fitness tips, recipes, interior parts, decoration related equipment’s, etc.

Pinterest is the best way to reach women customer by using images, and the images making ideal for your brands whose related to home decor, food, fashion, art, fitness or other so many industries.

Pinterest providing such platform to customer and business owner to sell product directly provide Buy button Pinterest page, so this feature makes more sell and more visibility to the product to customers.

  • Instagram

Instagram is the platform for online marketing in 2018-19 and Instagram founded in October 2010. The Instagram owned by Facebook in 2012. Instagram was very strong on mobile, so Mark Zuckerberg was decided to overtake Instagram buy paying 1 billion. If we see some statics 80 per cent of social or viral content consumed by mobile devices. So I would like to suggest Instagram will beneficial for your product.

It has 1 billion active users per month this users daily use the Instagram mobile app to enjoy the post, images, videos with family, relatives. We can say billion of people daily use this app so you can put your brands on this platform.

The Facebook-owned platform Instagram has provided the best option on his platform is “Instagram stories”. And also we can take live video and share with Instagram customers. If your customer or client having some problem with your product, so in this case, they don’t want to navigate to your website or call to sale executive. So Instagram having an alternate option for this you can direct message by using Instagram. Instagram allows you to directly answer questions and address immediately, so it is the best social media marketing platform for 2018 -2019

Social Media Optimization SMO Services
Social Media Optimization
  • YouTube

YouTube founded by PayPal employees in 2005, but Google bought YouTubein 2006. As we know YouTube is the second largest Search site one search engine in the world, and almost 5 billion videos were watched by YouTube users every day. YouTube is the best social media platform for engaging targeted customers by sharing the business-related video contents.

Statics says on YouTube same ratio of male and female users. You can target to both genders for your product or services. YouTube survey shows 76 per cent of users will see brand related channels. So it would be the best option for companies to catch the interested audience. YouTube paid promotion will help your product or services for branding.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 this platform specially created for business and employment-oriented services provider. It also called as a social networking platform for professionals. This platform is the best to use for B2B business that wants to reach professionals.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B brands, so you can directly connect to different type of industries. A LinkedIn audience is well educated and business minded, so you can promote your product or services on the good platform. The LinkedIn platform is more expensive as compared to Facebook for paid advertising purpose.

With this we like to conclude this blog here, hope you like these social media tips. For more updates like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter & Instagram. I am inviting you to comment your views in the comment section.

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