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First of all, let’s know a bit about us; BDigitaU is a team of passionate enthusiast specialist in Web Design and Development. Our team would like to help you to design and develop your business website. We are emerging as trusted website designing company in India; we can assure you the potential growth in your business through your business website.  BDigitaU is a Web Design Company in Pune and we have been recognized as the best website design service provider company in India.

We all know the fact that a business website is now must have branding option in the digital world. The digital world is growing really fast with updating technologies. Today everyone can afford a mobile phone and at least everyone has basic internet access. So all the people want to find out you or your business on the internet; so the business website is a must for your business.

Why Choose BDigitaU for Your Web Design & Development?

BDigitaU Digital Solutions is a Web design and Development company in Pune, India that brings you with all the help you need in creating your company’s very own website. We know the value of each of our customers and hence give more than our hundred per cent in fulfilling your needs and make our ends meet to please your expectations from the website we create for you. We provide you with the best website design services by making a personalized site as per your requirements; we understand the different tastes and preferences of different firms thus offering you with a flexible system to work with and provide all your web solutions under one roof. It is because of this that the young, passionate and enthusiastic individuals have enabled this top web development company to be recognized as the best website design service provider company in India.

At BdigitaU.com, we offer flexible web design options for your business and services that sets us apart in the competitive market of web design. We guarantee the best performance and valuable web solutions for your business. So, whether you might looking for a just a small website that will show your web presence, a static website, a dynamic website or e-commerce portal for an entire business. We will provide you all the solutions in at one place.

Here are some of the points why you should choose us for your web design requirement:

  • One place for all website design & development
  • In-house Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team
  • Dedicated to delivering the best web solutions
  • We have expertise in web technologies
  • Strong and stable team
  • Unconditional customer service

BdigitaU Website Design Company in Pune offers Features like:

We always prefer to develop high professional user experience with clean and SEO friendly websites that helps to boost your growth of the business.

Our team gives special importance on creating a unique design for our every customer. Client satisfaction is our main motto for that we do the best web design practices:

User-Friendly and Mobile Responsive Web Design:  We know the best thing that helps visitors to stay more time on your website that includes user-friendly layout, simple navigation and mobile responsive website. At BDigitaU our team is committed to putting best efforts and delivered 100%.

Browser Compatible & Easy Access: We test your website on all major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and it is necessary to have easy access to web browsers.  The cutting-edge technology makes websites easily accessible to all major web browsers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  As we are one the best SEO service company in Pune, India, we care about the SEO part so that your web presence should not affect due to bad SEO or the things that aren’t recommended by search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. BDigitaU has a specialist team of SEO Experts so it makes easy for us to deal with search engine optimization part. You may be or may not have an idea that Google and other major search engines use complex algorithms that to frequently get updates.

The Customer Support:  We aim to deliver the best customer services. We would like to give delight experience to our clients through our dedicated technical support.  We can discuss anything that you might think to change, update or add to the website.

Content Management System

A content management system is a website design software that helps maintain the content on a site up to date, enables editing and easy access for the users to constantly add relevant information in a consistent and organized manner. It allows multiple users to manage the content, information and data of a website, project or internet application in an efficient way.

Through an easy to use CMS, businesses are able to create blogs, pages and web designs which help them remain in competition without having a knowledge of computer programming as a pre-requisite. Although when you choose to develop a site on your own, there are various responsibilities and decision making that rest upon your shoulder.

  1. Updates and maintenance of content.
  2. Fixing any problems—like a hacker breaking in and messing things up.
  3. You must perform backups and recoveries as needed.
  4. You have the flexibility to add or do anything to the system you want.
  5. You can move the system to any web hosting service you choose.
  6. You have many free open-source systems or proprietary systems to choose from.
  7. Your CMS can typically run on inexpensive web hosting.

Running your own installed CMS will have many benefits, like less technical expertise, less expensive hosting and oftentimes free software. So, because of these good reasons, countless websites are running on CMS. These web designing services can be taken from various Web designing companies- like BDigitaU, one of the best web design company in Pune, India- which are economical and affordable. When using only the basic functions of the CMS, it is not necessary to train a team on using and developing the content on the web. Hence, even small businesses with not much money or time to invest in digital marketing can compete with competitors which are active, especially, online and reach out to a global audience without a substantial budget.

Types of CMS

When choosing a single CMS for your company, you’ll see many choices ranging from huge sites that get comments and views in millions each day to a small and simple website that just provides with the basics. There are two different kinds of Content Management System that a business can choose to adopt namely, open source platforms and proprietary platforms.

Proprietary Platforms

These are the Content Management Systems that sell their licenses to the businesses who might wish to develop their websites and manage content easily. In order to use these CMS, business has to buy the license form the creator. However, the businesses aren’t still entitled to create a copy of the purchased CMS application and cannot alter it without taking permission from the CMS creator. The purchase of a license and the limitation of host websites where the CMS application can be used makes small businesses choose Open Source platforms as the viable option.

Open Source Platforms

The most popular Open Source CMS runs on PHP script (PHP is a scripting language that is well-suitable for web development that can be embedded into HTML). These consist of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupa. Open source programs can be used by anyone for any purpose and businesses do not require huge funds since these platforms did not require the purchase of any license. You may also customize OS CMS without special permission unlike when using a proprietary platform. Despite it being the cheaper option, businesses still choose the proprietary platform since it provides a security wall form with the hackers so there are little security issues.

Benefits of using CMS

  1. Audience management

-A good system separates the audience into different groups that have similar preferences and provides with the information relevant to them. In this manner, the viewers of the site do not have to look for what they are finding but are instead right there in front of them.

  1. Personalized content

-The system enables a personalized use of applications, processes and information for any kind of interaction over the internet or within the organization via the intranet. Every and any business can choose to have their own content management system and run their online business.

  1. Quick advancement of content

-You can make the website more dynamic and up-to-date with the help of a CMS since it allows users to control, manage, and structure their content in real-time. There’s no need to wait for developers to make changes making the content always fresh and up-to-date.

  1. Ease of use and efficiency

-Since the staff does not need to be trained with any computing language, a non-technical staff member can also create, manage and share content without any difficulty.

What are the services we provide you as a website design company Pune, India?

  • We consider all the parameters from the point of view of your PPC marketing campaigns.
  • We use the SEO friendly layout, coding plus adding social media interaction.
  • We will provide you professional website design & development services.
  • Our team will design your website considering the targeted audience.
  • Landing pages for your business and marketing.

We would like to design your website is for real humans not just for search engines; lots of web companies in India doing this mistake of taking lots of unusual steps that are not good for human interaction. Your entire website design mainly the structure and layout we will design with considering all aspects of the end user. We have our own in-house SEO team as we also provide SEO service to our clients that ensure the search engine friendly website part. Most important is relevant content on your website because the main aim is to convert a visitor into your customer. We will do the part of an integration of your website with Google analytics so you can check your daily users. At BDigitaU we are committed to providing you with professional web design services with static, dynamic and CMS websites.

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